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Getting an Auto Loan while Self-Employed

Being self-employed generally has little impact on getting an auto loan approval as long as you have a decent credit score and can prove steady income.

In fact, NationalCarAndLoan.com may be your best choice if you are self-employed. NationalCarAndLoan.com understands how busy people who are self-employed are. Our system is designed to help you get a free, secure, no-obligation auto loan quote in virtually no time at all!

Skip all the hassle of driving from dealer to dealer, looking for the best auto loan for your situation. Instead, let NationalCarAndLoan.com do the work for you! We have a vast network of hundreds of lenders. Once you submit your application, it is filtered through our system and compared against our network so we can find you the best auto loan for your situation!

There’s no more driving from place to place and using valuable time, money, and resources looking for an auto loan. There’s no more sitting in a dealership office, flipping through outdated magazines while you wait for approval. With NationalCarAndLoan.com, you can get an approved auto loan quote with just a couple clicks of your mouse!

Get a free, no-obligation auto loan quote through NationalCarAndLoan.com!

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Welcome to National Car and Loan!

You’ve found the most comprehensive resource for finding the car loan that’s right for you... and your budget! NationalCarAndLoan.com will connect you to a nationwide network of online auto finance lenders and new and/or used car dealers who specialize in helping those who’ve had credit problems in the past. With our advanced financing network system we’ll accept 100% of car loan quote requests for no credit, bad credit, poor credit, or even bankruptcy. Our lending partners will do their best to provide you with some of the lowest auto loan rates available anywhere in the nation. You can get your free, no-obligation car loan quote today and be in the driver’s seat tomorrow!

Note that National Car and Loan works with a significant number of auto dealers and lenders in the affiliate networks integrated on our platform. Across the country, this represents hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of lender and/or dealer affiliates in those networks. National Car and Loan only works with affiliate network companies that have good reputations and only with companies that have networks that they represent with direct relationships. Even though we do this to help get our consumers connected with only good and reputable companies, it is simply not possible for us to monitor the many and varied affiliates in these affiliate networks. Given this situation, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly review and research any lender or dealer you are considering obtaining financing through (or purchasing a vehicle through). This includes talking to experts and individuals with knowledge in the auto finance world, checking online reviews and information about these companies, doing your own personal research about vehicle financing and car purchasing, and talking to your tax and/or financial advisors before entering into any deal with any dealer or lender (whether we connect you with them or not). And remember… you are under no obligation to work with any lender or dealer that we connect you with. If you don't feel that you should work with them, don't. Thank you again for applying with NationalCarandLoan.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an up-front cost to apply for an auto loan?
No! It costs nothing to apply for a car loan with NationalCarandLoan.com.

Can I still qualify for an auto loan if I’m self-employed?
Yes you can! Being self employed will not typically affect your approval for a car loan.

Can I get financing on a used car purchase?
Yes you can! Our lenders and partners offer vehicle loans for both new and used cars.

Is there a “no money down” deal for me?
We have a number of partners and auto loan programs that may allow you to put no money down. Additionally, even if your situation requires a down payment, you may be eligible for a deferment on part or all of the down payment.

What if I’m in the middle of bankruptcy or have gone through bankruptcy?
Having gone through bankruptcy... or even being in the middle of a bankruptcy isn't necessarily a problem! We very well may be able to help you with a car loan right now! Our company has many auto finance lenders and partners in our network that specialize in vehicle loans for people who have gone through bankruptcy or are currently in the middle of a bankruptcy.

Is National Car and Loan a lender?
No... we're more than that. National Car and Loan is a private-sector business that provides you with lender and dealer connections to aid in your decision to get a car loan that’s right for you and right for your car purchase! Our network of car dealers and auto finance lenders helps consumers across the nation with all kinds of credit situations. We can help you get a great loan and expedite the car-buying process for you!

If I’ve had a car repossessed in the past, can I still get financing?
You CAN still apply!! NationalCarandLoan.com and our partners offer special vehicle loan programs that could help you even if you have a repossession in your past. It's our goal to help you get a loan even if you have a difficult credit situation!

How will I know who will contact me after I submit my application?
Our lender and dealer partners will typically be in contact with you within 24 hours after you submit your application. You may also be contacted via email before you receive a phone call. And some vehicle finance lenders may only communicate through email. Be sure to check your email carefully after you submit your application -- including checking your spam folder.